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Psychicism is the study of Psychic phenomena. Psychic ability in its myraid forms are celebrated, explored, and aspired to in this area of RE.


The word Psychic and comes from the Greek psukhikós or Soul as well as other cognates.

Under the umbrella of Psychicism are many abilities and talents that can be developed by the practitioner under certain circumstance. All this and more will be explored here.

From Psychic to Psychic Power

Many of these abilities have been documented in various religious and mythological texts over the centuries. While a complete history would fill volumes the study of and use of Psychic phenomena has been continuous throughout human history.


Psychic abilities are generally considered to be the realm of the few “gifted” born with these powers. Perhaps this is not the end of the story. Get exploring and find our for yourself!


In this section we deal with the human pursuit of psychic power. Believe it or not there are dedicated pioneers that have taken hold of the charge for developing the personal psychic forces. And they are doing it. 

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