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Radionics Evolution is a small collective of psychotronics experts. Collectively we bring to the table decades of experience in psychotronic disciplines like radionics, cyber-shamanism, psychic technology, electronics, and software development.


We hope, over time, to develop the premier resource for psychotronics and radionics information, resources, and experiences.


In the days to follow we have many exciting offerings that will be going live, like the RE Power Psychotronics Platform, and our online shoppe.

We will regularly expand the library here, and update information as necessary.  If you discover any information that is inaccurate or outdated, please let us know through our contact page.


Thank you for your time and support.


-The RE Team

Radionics Evolution

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Digital Stick Pad

Digital Stick Pad

Prototype Digital Stick Pad This is the output for a new digital stick pad prototype that we are refining.  After more than 3 years of

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Symbolic Radionics Machines

This is a controversial subject in the psychotronics/psionics world. The idea that radionics device can built using drawings of a device interface; with little paper

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