Symbolic Radionics Machines


This is a controversial subject in the psychotronics/psionics world. The idea that radionics device can built using drawings of a device interface; with little paper dials your rotate even!


There are a good number of folks out there in the community that get very testy when this subject is brought to table. They declare (loudly), that a “fake” radionics machine could never really work, at least not like the real Mccoy.

On the other end of the spectrum there are people who swear by their use, and have even put together fairly complex arrangements. Even using paper brads to affix “dials” and whatnot. A major credit to this camp is the fact that Charles Cosimano has detailed multiple such devices in his own writings. Including a kind of radionic master control interface that is made from paper and cardboard.

Symbolic Radionics

Here at RE we ar unashamed Uncle Chucky groupies, so gave it a try.


We built a symbolic Heironymous type machine, using a print out of the device’s functional schematic.

Using a pendulum while turning my make believe poster board dial to attempt to diagnose the ailing part of my target’s body who was some 300+ miles away. I was using the Cosimano Diagnosis Chart, placed on top of the symbolic Heironymous machine.

As my “dial” swept past “G.I. Tract” and entered “Liver”, my pendulum gave a faint jump of sorts. I reset and repeated the process and received the same jump, this time as the dial was almost through the “Liver” section. It was however on Liver nonetheless.


I recorded my results. Later that evening I spoke to my target by phone and inquired about the doctors appointment they had earlier that day. They were there to have lab tests reviewed. My target said: “Everything looks ok except my liver enzymes are elevated quite a bit.”. I was shocked. The god damned paper radionics setup worked. Using only a scrap of paper with a name written on it as a witness. Initially this kind of pissed me off. I’m not sure why. I suppose because it’s so absurd on first pass. I have since gotten over my temper tantrum and continued my experiments.


My conclusion is that the symbolic radionics device can be a life saver in a pinch, like while traveling, but it is nothing compared to a full actual psychotronics lab. This may be due to my bias, but my results are consistent.

If anyone has experimented with symbolic radionics please send us your stories! We would love to hear them. We are highly collaborative here at RE and we welcome other practitioners to come be a part of this journey.

Diagnosis Chart
Cosimano Diagnosis Chart

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