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The inevitable merger of psychic technology and the magical arts is explored in this wing of the RE Library.  This has been called by various names, and its practitioners have called themselves Technomages, Cybershamans, Electromancers, etc. 


In general, what we will call Techno Magic, uses modern psychotronic technology or devices to assist the practitioner in achieving their magical goals.


There are myriad other devices that may be used beyond just a three-dial box. Devices designed to stimulate audio and visual experiences with the express goal of altering the state of mind of the user. Sensory deprivation tanks allowing the mind to wander freely from the concerns of the body. 


Sensory deprivation tanks are probably the most familiar to most readers coming to this topic with little to no prior knowledge. These tanks are filled with salt water that allows the occupant to float weightlessly. As the occupant relaxes and allows their mind to wander. Many users report that the lack of sound, light, and weight allows their mind to enter a lucid dream light state that has been likened to that of a hallucinatory experience induced by various chemicals.


Light machines are another tool that the Techno Mage may use. Certain light frequencies may be used to induce certain modes of thinking much like how Mandalas used in Eastern practices. These can be in a wide number of shapes and sizes, from glasses that are designed to affect just the wearer to large boxes that will project lights onto an entire wall or even a room. This visual stimulus helps to focus the mind and allow many to more easily enter a meditative state.


Binaural beats and other audio devices are another common device used. Often combined with light machines, audio tuned to specific frequencies is thought to directly affect the brains condition.


There are five main groups of Binaural audio, all below 1,000 Hz in frequency.

Delta – Ranging from roughly 0.5 to 4 Hz, this is associated with deep sleep and may help to induce deeper sleep when the individual listening enters sleep.

Theta – Ranging from about 4 Hz to 7 Hz, this is associated with meditation and may help to improve creativity and REM sleep.


Alpha – Ranging from roughly 7 to 13 Hz, these frequencies are thought to help induce relaxation.


Beta – Ranging around 13 to 30 Hz, these are intended to promote alertness and the ability to concentrate. However, the higher frequencies in this range may induce anxiety.


Gamma – Ranging from around 30 to 50 Hz, frequencies in this range may help with staying awake and alert.


Lucid dream machines are another tool that the Techno Mage can use. These can be of various designs, but their goal is to gently alert you when you enter Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. The idea is that you are alerted but not awakened, so that you are more easily able to enter a lucid dream state as you sleep.

Bio Feedback Devices are the final type of device that we will mention here. These monitor various physical attributes such as your heart rate. The goal is to give you instant feedback on the physical effects of what you are doing, such as meditating, on your body. Many find this information helpful in the development of entering calm and meditative states.


Modern science and technology have allowed us a greater understanding of not only the world around us but also our own minds and bodies. With these new tools we can explore our minds and its abilities in ways that we never could before. The Techno Mage, using these tools, is at the forefront of these advancements pushing the limits of what humanity can achieve in ways that most don’t think possible.

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