Psychotronic Lab Journal Vol. 1 Published

Psychotronic Lab Journal

An Encyclopedia of Practical Psionics

We are pleased to announce the publication of our first lab journal: The Radionics Evolution Psychotronic Lab Journal Vol. 1.

Each issue, which we anticipate to be at least a quarterly release, will contain a smattering of real-world psychotronics.  

The random information, bound within a structured, reliable format proves itself to be decidedly useful for the average radionics practitioner. 

The entries in each issue are drawn from the real-world work and research of the Radionics Evolution team. 

The following structure can be found in this issue, as well as those to come. 

  • Introduction
  • Theory
  • Practice
  • Use Cases
  • Templates/Charts/Printables

Under each of these categories can be found several representative articles. 

So What's in Vol. 1?

Our first Lab Journal came in at a respectable length (almost 30 pages), and is densely packed with psychotronic knowledge.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The Psychotronic Application of Standard Electronic Components
  • Training for Psychotronic Mastery
  • Panic Radionics: Using psychotronics in a crisis
  • Universal Interrogation Chart

And of course, a great deal more. We are certain that this journal will prove itself a treasured resource for any serious practitioner.  The ongoing publication of volumes will quickly see the RE Psychotronics Lab Journal as a prized collection of exclusive theory and practice in many areas of psychotronic interest: radionics, psychic tech, cybershaman/technomage, etc.

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