RE Power

RE Power

RE Power is our private psychotronics laboratory, that features some of our greatest innovations in radionics, psychic tech, psychotronic magic, and more. This platform is networked and Internet connected. This means that you can take advantage of our incredibly powerful psychotronics by connecting remotely. When this service is live, there will be a variety of ways for your to connect with your lab for your own use.  


Increase the power of your own radionics setup by plugging in to RE Power. You will also be able to use the platform directly via web. Check back here for updates on this exciting, one of a kind service from Radionics Evolution.

Example Features

Radionics Evolution

Tepaphone Ultra

Advanced, high precision, high power, tepaphone broadcaster. Featuring our proprietary technology, not available anywhere.

Magic Square

Thoughtform Incubator

Plugin your intention, and our transubstantiation chamber will incubate and then launch your thoughtform for direct action on your target.


Reality Broker

Our most advanced psychotronic device. Performs forward and reverse energetic templating of any feature of reality and then imposes your will directly on reality.  

Usage is Restricted and Supervised.

If you are interested in using the RE Power Lab, send an email to with the subject line: “RE Power”.


If you are interested in being a part of our Beta program, please indicate that in your message.

Ready for Some Next Level?

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