Tesla Coils in Psychotronics Work

Tesla Coil

Tesla Coils + Psychotronics = 🙂

Every now and then we get to play with really fun tech in psychotronics. The Tesla Coil is in my opinion is at the top of that list.


Now, Tesla Coils are extremely dangerous. Even a small device when energized is perfectly capable of punching a hole through your heart or your brain. Dead people make terrible techno-mages. So please educate yourself and observe a ll precautions.


In this short post I just want to list some of the ways that I use Tesla Coils in my own experiments with psychotronics.

High Voltage

Orgonite Recalibration:

I discovered this rather by accident, attempting to find ways to energetically “wipe” orgonite. I had a piece of orgonite that was used in my early experiments with vampire circuits, that became an emitter of very ugly orgone. Not strictly DOR but more like orgone attuned to entities that can be harmful to humans and so that is the vibe that this thing gave off. It was my unholy hand grenade. I tried everything to shift the programming in this orgonite, short of using one of my black boxes (I didn’t want to contaminate one of my devices). Finally in anger, I started zapping it with very high voltage arcs from very powerful capacitors. When I took a reading of the orgonite, it showed some improvement. So the next logical step was to place it on top of the toroid of my largest Tesla Coil. As I zapped it, strange looking bolts of electricity poured out of it, and it glowed with a corona that was curious to say the least. When I took another reading after the Tesla treatment, it read as energetically neutral. Success!

Orgonite Amplification:

This is an extension of the previous use. As I continued to experiment with orgonite energized by tesla coil output, I discovered that while it is actively being electrified, the orgone output went crazy. Something 500x’s normal output. When its not being energized the output stayed up at about 20x’s normal and stayed there to this day. Something is happening with molecular rearrangement I speculate.

Spirit Manifestation:

I don’t want to elaborate here, but the Tesla Coil quite obviously assists in the manifestation of spiritual forces.

Powered Radionic Antenna:

I started by creating a lead from the output of a black box, which connects to a copper plate that is placed under the insulated project enclosure of the Tesla Coil. Now the key here is to ensure that there is NO possible electrical connection to any circuit within the Tesla Coil. Don’t get your brain electrocuted please. The copper plate is placed under the insulated housing which is on an insulated table and nowhere near ground. Or anything else. The Tesla Coil acts as a very powerful antenna that boosts your output signal.

I’m not adding any pictures of my setup and I’m not encouraging anyone to attempt the experiments described. I am NOT liable for any stupid shit you may do.

If you have any experience with Tesla Coils in your psychotronics work, please share!

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