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There are a growing number of modern practitioners of magic that are turning to Radionics to enhance ritual workings.

Well before Abrams, and others’, devices were developed, Occult groups were already experimenting with, and using the mysterious psychotronic force in their ritual work.

Several groups from Germany, specifically the Vril, Thule, Freunden van Lucifer, Germania, and Ahnenerbe all worked to advance the field of magical Technologly during the turn of the 19th century.

Most of these groups would flourish between the two World Wars in Germany and would come to be called, collectively, the Schvartze Orden, or the Black Order. These groups would continue to influence the direction of interest for later, German Occult groups, even if they would ultimately dissolve.

Post WWII Uses of Magical Technologies.

While these early attempts at a fusion between magic and technology used the advancements in electrical engineering of the time, they were very much in the style of the old Illuminati rites and rituals.


In 1969, Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, published  The Satanic Rituals. In this book he published a ritual, Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, or the Electrical Prelude, which drew upon the work of the previously mentioned orders.


The ritual is empowered by various electrostatic devices, stroboscopic light, and audible tones in frequencies that are reputed to inspire mystical states of consciousness.

With this synthesis of elements the operator’s will is assisted and energized, possibly improving the outcome of the ritual beyond what the operator could accomplish without the technology used in the ritual.  


Die Elektrischen Vorspiele calls for these various elements, light, sound, and ionization of the air. However, one of the most important is the “charging” of the room with electromagnetic energy using a Tesla Coil or a Van der Graaff generator. This energy is then directed out from the room in accordance with the operators will with the completion of the ritual ceremony.


Combined with the additional elements already mentioned (specially tuned audio, strobe lights, and neon tubing, etc); at the very least the ritual trappings will have a powerful effect on the mind of the operator.


Below is an outline of the ritual and some instructions on producing a Van der Graaff machine at home.

It should be noted that this ritual outline will call for an exposed high voltage generator. This poses a major safety risk and care should be taken by the operator and anyone else participating, to NOT touch the device to prevent risk of electric shock.


Die Elektrischen Vorspiele: Notes

As stated above the ritual should be conducted in a small space so that it is easier for the device to charge the environment with negative ions.


First, the space should be purified and an opening invocation should be conduced. In LaVey’s work he calls for the calling of the Infernal Names, the invocation of the Four Elements, benediction with phallus, and calling of the Sixth Enochian Key.


Second, the operator should take his place where he can control a sound emitter, producing tones at one second intervals of 60 and 11,000 cps. It should be activated so that it begins producing the desired sound.


Third, the operator should now turn on the electrostatic generator and allow it to build up a sufficient ionization in the atmosphere.


Fourth, the neon lighting should be activated, and the operator should now be ready to begin.


Fifth, the celebrant should now conduct an invocation. LaVey recommends the use of a specially constructed pentagonal chamber, from which the celebrant conducts most of the ritual. The use of a ritual sword or dagger is also recommended.


During this part, the strobe light should be activated so that it illuminates the ritual  space that the operator is working within.


Additionally, the sound could be combined into chording and the volume should be brought to full intensity.


Sixth, the operator should now turn counterclockwise holding the sword, dagger, or other instrument, pausing at each reflective plane of the pentagon. This rotation should be done until a full circle is completed.


Seventh, the operator should lay on his side within the circle with the instrument in his or her right hand and the left side of their body against the ground. At this time, the electrostatic generator should be turned off and the operator should remain on the ground until the “vision has been cast”.


Eight, the operator now rises from the ground and stands inside the space, with the 11,000-cps note being turned off, the 30, 45, and 60 cps frequencies being left on. The operator faces east, and now begins a proclamation. Once completed the ritual is closed.


More details, such as set dressing, ritual invocations, and other notes can be found in LaVey’s work The Satanic Rituals.


One of the more difficult elements of fulfilling the requirements, is the production or procurement of an electrostatic generator, such as a Van de Graaff generator. Below is a video demonstrating how to build one from parts at home.


Again, we need to stress that this involves working with electrical equipment and care should be taken in its operation. We here at Radionics Evolution take no responsibility for the use, or misuse of this information. It is presented for educational purposes only.

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