Developing Psychic Powers

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The path to psychic power begins with mastery of foundational, simple techniques. 

A Simple Exercise

Meditation has a kind of reputation for being this difficult thing, involving mantras, controlled breathing, and more. However, this is often overthinking the whole affair, instead simple relaxation and focused breathing are often the most effective, especially when just starting out.

First sit down in the most comfortable that you own, since you are trying to relax. Next start to focus on your breath, don’t try to force it into a pattern or rhythm, just notice how you are breathing. As you do this notice how things around you seem to fade away, just focusing on your body and what it is doing can allow you to relax.

As you breath, keep your focus on your breath. As thoughts arise gently move your attention around them back to your breath. Once you have become comfortable with this and can easily move into a relaxed state you can move on to the next exercise.

Something in the Mind’s Eye

Now that you can enter a relaxed state breathing in and out, you can move on to holding objects in your mind.

Take any object, preferably something small that you see every day, such as pen or maybe a key if you are feeling adventurous. Take some time to study the object, look at all the fine details of it and take in as much as you can about it.

Now, close your eyes and begin to visualize the object in your mind. Try to keep every small detail in your mind as you do this. Think about all the small imperfections, how one side of the pencil has a scratch in it, how there is a small dent near the top, see the discoloration of the eraser from use.

This will not be easy at first, you will often loose the image quickly at first; replaced by random and useless images. This is normal, do not be disheartened. The end goal is to be able to hold an image in your mind for around five minutes. Once you can do this consistently, you will be able to move on to more complex tasks.

What is the Point?

The key to accessing your psychic abilities, and even working with psychotronics, is focus and calm. The above exercises will give you both of those skills, opening the way for more interesting work.

These exercises will assist you in developing your ability to manipulate and control your own energy, and eventually external energy.

More advanced techniques are out there and will be covered elsewhere on this site. However, these are the core, fundamental, practices that will allow you to better control and develop your psychic abilities.      

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