Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing

If there is one area of Psionics that produces the most outlandish claims and gets the most people in real trouble, it is the area of Psychic Healing. As such we should start with a word of caution nothing here should be taken as medical advice. Always seek the help and guidance of a qualified medical professional and never stop, start, or change medication, treatment, or therapy without talking to your doctor.

Fundamentals of Psychic Healing

At its core Psychic Healing operates on the theory that illnesses first manifests on the etheric plane before it becomes physical. By addressing the illness before it becomes physical, the theory goes, one can stave off illness. With various Psionic devices this can be accomplished quite easily.

However, many are tempted to go beyond this and make grandiose claims about curing cancer and a myriad of other maladies. This is where people often get into trouble and start to value the use of Psionics over the proven use of traditional medicine. Royal Rife, Wilhelm Reich, and Albert Abrams all found themselves entangled by these kinds of claims.

There are several methods that can be used to facilitate Psychic Healing. Below we will detail one of the most common methods as outlined by Charles Cosimano here. First, using a three dial, or similar box, determine the rate for the subject you are working with. Tune each dial until you feel the stick on each one. While doing this focus on the condition that you are trying to address. This will give you an exact rate for what you are looking to deal with.

Once this rate has been identified, you will then need to calculate a balancing rate. On a three-dial machine that is calibrated with zero to ten increments you take the numbers that you generated already and subtract them from ten. For example, if your rate is 5.4, 7, and 1.9 the balancing rate that you are looking for would be 4.6, 3, and 8.1.

From here you would leave the machine with the rate set and it will begin its work. Results, as Cosimano notes, are far from guaranteed but it works with enough frequency that it is worth the attempt.

As a final word of caution. Again. Nothing here should be construed as medical advice, nor should a radionics device be used as a replacement for medical treatments. Always consult with and follow the advice of a qualified medical professional.

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