Psychic Warfare


Psychic Warfare is a large and complex topic that tends to bring it a large amount of moralization and too much talk about “black” and “white” magic. While there are literal tomes on the subject that we can direct the reader to, such as Psionic Warfare by Charles Cosimano, this attempts to serve as a brief introduction to the subject.

The Basics of Psychic Warfare

First you should dispel the notion of moralism within your work. Karma, at least how it is used, in the West is a moralizing principle that people use to feel safe. Do not concern yourself with these notions about good or bad Karma. Just because you need to go on the offence does not mean you are doing something bad.


At the core all the various Psychic Warfare techniques require meditation and concentration. There are many techniques that can be drawn on. Any basic book on meditation will provide techniques that you can use for focusing your thought and improving your concentration. However, holding objects and images in your mind, controlling your breathing are all common elements of these techniques.


Once you have the mediation down you can move on to generating thought forms or egregores. These are the most effective tools that you can use. Much like meditation there are many ways to approach this. Cosimano goes into a lot of detail on how to accomplish their creation as do others in a wide number of places. Broken down, an egregore has three parts: form, function, and identity.


Form is how you visualize the egregore, and this will partly inform its function. Is it a simple object? Does it have a body? Does it have elements that you feel are emblematic of what you want it to do? Having this image in your mind will help you to create it and employ it when needed. More artistic individuals may want to create a custom image, carving, or sigil as part of this process.


Function is what you want it to do. Do you want it to protect you from house fires? Do you want it to help you in a business deal? Is there someone causing you trouble that you would like to remove from your daily life? There are a few different ways to do this. Some find that encoding the purpose of the egregore into its name to be useful.  


Identity is the last part and important more for you than the ultimate function of the egregore. By naming and giving an identity to it you can more easily use it.

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