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Psychotronics (History of fabled mind machines, psychic amplifiers, psychic tech, etc)


The term Psychotronics comes out of the field of Parapsychology and its study of various kinds of mental phenomenon such as telepathy, telekinesis, and astral projection. However, the history of Psychotronics dates back much farther than the origins of the official and formalized research into it.


Arguably the origins of what we call today Psychotronics dates back to the earliest Shamanistic practices of humanity. Early man would use drumming, chanting, and the flickering of flame to induce altered states and expanded consciousness.

Psychotronic Pioneers

It would not be until the 1790’s when William Charles Wells and his work with binocular vision a more formal groundwork for Psychotronics would be developed. Wells work would be most influential on the later study of binaural beats however others would explore other fields of research that would coalesce into what we call Psychotronics today. In the early 1900’s the fields of Radionics and Orgone energy would be theorized upon and developed by Albert Abrams and Wilhelm Reich, respectively.


Abrams, Reich, and their students would go on to create devices designed to interact with, study, and harness the subtle energies of the human mind and the world around us. This research would continue well into the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s, where interest in attempts to achieve altered states of consciousness would be renewed and reinvigorated. Using rhythmic sounds, flashing lights, and repeating patters it would be found that when used would create changes in mood, outlook, and other mental changes.

Psychotronics  & Magickal Adventures

Esoteric practitioners would find these ideas and begin experimenting with them as well. Often under the umbrella of what is called Chaos Magick, these practitioners would experiment with ritual, radionic, and other forms of technology to enhance their results. Today there are many devices that utilize audio and visual stimulation for enhancing and altering states of consciousness and they are often integrated into the work of many practitioners.

Brain Stimulation &  Psychotronic Research

Another area of research in the filed of Psychotronics is the study of magnetism on the brain and the mind. This field of study has garnered more mainstream acceptance and involves using magnetic fields to manipulate the mind. In a clinical setting it is known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and is often used to treat depression.


Collectively these technologies and their application has not only enhanced our understanding of how the brain works in the material universe but also allowed us to explore the boundaries of what is possible with the human spirit. Psychotronic devices, when properly used and applied, allow for practitioners to expand their, influence, their mind, and abilities.      

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