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Scalar Device

When thinking about Radionics devices the image that comes to mind is one of boxes with dials and plates. However, Psychotronics and Psionic Technology can encompass much more. Here are some other examples of such devices manipulating light, sound, and electricity to aid the practitioner in their endeavors.  

Delight Pro Machine
Delight Pro Light and Sound Machine

Light and Sound

As an aid to meditation both light and sound can be used. These function much like mandalas or mantras used in the past, but with modern technology.

Light and sound at specific frequencies can be used to invoke various states of mind. Frequencies ranging from 12 to 30 Hz are linked though EEG scans to normal waking states of mind, as well as concentration and focus. These frequencies are called Beta Waves.  

Frequencies from 7.5 to 12 Hz are linked to relaxed, mediative, as well as creative states of mind. These frequencies are referred to as Alpha Waves.

The next level, called Theta Waves, ranges from 4 to 7.5 Hz and is associated with REM dream states as well as deep meditation.

Finally, at 4 Hz and below we find Delta Waves. These are associated with deep sleep and transcendental meditation.

Binaural audio takes advantage of these frequencies in the bran by using the difference in two tones, one played in each ear to create a “hypnotic beat” from the difference. For example, a 124 Hz tone may be played in one ear and a 114 Hz tone in the other. The difference becomes 10 Hz, or an Alpha Wave.

In addition to this audio synchronized visualizations can be an effective addition to enhance the experience. There are many ways to accomplish this, from software like Clementine or VLC, or with custom goggles like the ones designed by Esoteric Technology.

With these goggles red LEDs are used and the eyes should be kept closed while they are in use. These will help to invoke the desired state. These elements are not additive but have an exponential increase in effectiveness for invoking the state of mind desired.  

Furthermore, the use of binaural audio helps to link the left and right hemispheres of the brain, something that is allegedly a contributing factor in higher states of mind.

When used a binaural session will typically last from fifteen minuets to around an hour. When starting the session will typically start with Beta Wave frequencies and then move slowly to the desired state of mind. This is done for two reasons, first to minimize any fatigue that may be produced by repetitive sounds. Second, it also helps to overcome any internal resistance to change that the user may have.

For many binaural sessions can help to expand the mind and enhance mediation sessions. While it is just one of many technological tools in the Psionics toolbox.

Energy Spot

The Power Spot

Another interesting device developed by Esoteric Technology is the Power Spot. This device cleverly utilizes both form and function to assist with not only meditation and your own experiments with Psionics but also in group settings. When used as the center piece of a group setting it provides an energetic vortex for the group to use and help them focus their consciousness together on the same objective.


On the Esoteric Technology website are plans and a detailed explanation of the forces that the Power Spot is taking advantage of to facilitate its use.

Hopefully, this gives you an expanded idea of what can be done with experimentation and ingenuity in the field of Psychotronics. The only, ultimate, limit is your imagination.

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