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Constructing Psychic Technologly

Some psychic tech designs are created to focus on the idea of tuning into a specific “frequency” and “amplifying” it. There are two of note that we will go into more detail about, however there are many others. You may even find your own designs and modifications that work better for you, after all much of radionics is experimentation and personal development.


The first is the Magnetron Box. Based on the design of a radar magnetron (used as part of early radar systems.). Developed by Charles Cosimano, the Magnetron Box allows for a witness of the person or thing you want to target along with anything else that you want to send to the target in the center circle. The box is then tuned like any other radionics device. It can then be left to run for as long as necessary. Instructions for building the Magnetron Box can be found at Charles Cosimano’s website.

The second radionics device I want to mention is the Psionic Amplifying Helmet, developed by Charles Cosimano as well. Instructions for building it can be found on his website as well as another version is his book Elementary Psionics. The goal of the helmet is to not only amplify the psychic ability of the wearer, but also to facilitate a more direct link between the wearer and the target. 

psionic helmet

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