RE Newsletter Issue #1 Vol. 1

Welcome Back to Part 2!

Tools Available:

The RE Power Lab currently hosts the following tools. Each can be activated by an external input device on the user’s end, or by interacting with the web interface. The devices in the lab are generally meant to accept a signal from another device, however the use of an access device allows for an operator to connect by intention alone using the “headless” mode on the access device. In this case the user simply plugs the finger pads into the access device and focuses on their intent.

Tepaphone Ultra:

The dread tepaphone of the legendary FOGC Lodge is now accessible to the modern practitioner. According to legend, the device was used to kill at a distance any member of the lodge who tried to defect from the group. Based on our research we have discovered the the tepaphone is in fact a radionic concentrator. Taking the nebulous and incoherent intention of the operator and focusing it with laser precision. We have of course made some upgrades and the result is the Tepaphone Ultra. Suggested usage includes:

  • Targeting of a precise location for broadcast of healing or growth trends.
  • Elimination of psychic attachments and parasites.
  • Providing focused energetic alignments and repairs to the energy bodies of humans and animals.

Tepaphone Ultra has built in protections against malicious use.


The Tepaphone Ultra in a final development phase. Outside of its cradle, ready for cipher calibration. Image edited to protect trade secrets.

Thoughtform Incubator:

You supply the intention or desire and our incubation matrix will grow a potent thoughtform to manifest it for you. The thoughtform will be fed energetic material and condensed into a coherent thoughtform. Once the thoughtform reaches a level of power that is suitable to the task, it is automatically released into the ether/astral to manifest.

Transubstantiator v3.4:

The crown jewel of our research. The transubstantiator is the most sophisticated psychotronic device ever constructed. Through the use of an advanced psychoreactive medium and very powerful, tunable energetic containment, the transubstantiator can literally give semi-physical embodiment to psychic forces: thoughts, intentions, emotions, and astral entities can be temporarily physically embodied in such a way that they become visible to the naked eye. Aside from the ability to physically manifest, we discovered that any such manifestation greatly accelerates and improves the natural manifestation of the original intent. This is where things get really weird. After conducting many experiments we found that if we input a radionic intention or trend, for example “I want to meet my soulmate”. The device would create a temporary physical representation of the user’s soulmate (sometimes allowing facial features to temporarily appear in the nebulous mist). If we then send that manifestation as an enhanced radionics signal into the aether like any other thoughtform (except we use a powerful laser array), the intention would then manifest with startling speed and precision through natural channels. In the soulmate experience, the user encountered their soulmate in 3 days at the grocery store. The use of this device is guided by some rules as you can imagine, and also some cautionary information that we obtained the hard way. This is the future of psychic tech. 


Transubstantiator in partial operation during construction. Note the center purple-blue form is the beginning of a transubstantiation.

Universal Talisman:

Combine multiple radionic signals into a single potent trend that is amplified and broadcast back through either your web interface or you access device. We offer a variety of standard trends to experiment with in addition to the signals you supply via an access device.

Universal Talisman

An early version of the Universal Talisman in the buff.

Vampire Device:

Drain, store and re-purpose the energetic resources from any source, especially biological.  Our first device to incorporate an orgone battery.  An innovation which has an unlimited storage capacity. In use the device is usually setup to draw from your target and then broadcast whatever is drawn either to yourself, your setup, etc. Great for redistribution of ill-gotten resources. Enough said.

Vampire Box

A version of the dread Vampire Box. 

How to Participate in the RE Power Platform:

While we await the arrival of the connected devices, the web interface is launching in December. The interest has been way beyond anything we anticipated. There’s no way to give everyone unlimited access at this point. So we are going to sell time slots for the usage of a given tool and for broadcast time. These tools are extremely p[owerful and require allot of broadcast time. 

Here’s how to make the most of your time:

Have a solid goal. Know what you want to accomplish. If you need help figuring out what you need, you can schedule a consultation. 

Make sure that during your time slot you will have uninterrupted access to your computer and that distractions will not be present. You want alone, quiet time.

1 Hour of Use | 2 Hours Broadcast

Use time is time alloted to use the web interface. Broadcast time is time that the broadcast of your signal will remain active.
$ 49
  • Access to all tools
  • Support/Guidance
  • No equipment of your own required

The RE Shoppe

The online shoppe is nearly open! Here is our starting offerings that will be for sale.

The Shoppe is opening in December if you would like to pre-order or have special requests please send us an email with “RE Shoppe Request” in the Subject Line to:


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Courses begin in January you would like to pre-order please fill out the form below and we will contact you with next steps.

Partner Offers

For Sale through our trusted partner network: We do not carry products that we have not personally tested and found to be of exceptional utility to the life and times of the modern radionics practitioner. These are legit.

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Update: Reality Broker

The Reality Broker has been determined to be too dangerous to allow public access at this time. This is unfortunately (in my opinion) final. Not everyone here agreed, but the test results are undeniable. For those who are disappointed by this news, I would direct you to think a bit on clever use of the transubstantiator to achieve similar results.  

When we started RE we never anticipated some of the wonderful and terrifying discoveries that would be made. We are hobbyists and tinkerers at heart, just like many of you I suspect. Our discoveries represent a true responsibility and we just can’t see anyone hurt by our work. I don’t want that on my conscience even if I have been out voted on certain specific matters.  Radionics specifically and psychotronics in general truly is the next great frontier for mankind, of that I am certain. This is both exciting and scary, of that I am also quite certain. My thoughts drift to a cinematic conversation between Thanos and Tony Stark regarding the burden of knowledge…

That's it for this edition. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for being a part of our community. We have so much more coming.

-The RE Team

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