Taking a Radionic Rate

Stick Plate Rate

On first glance many radionic devices might be mistaken for a musical amplifier. Yet on closer inspection you will soon realize that they are something else entirely. Today we will be looking at the fundamental operation of most radionic devices: Taking a Rate. 

This article will assume that you have some familiarity with basic exercises like entering a relaxed meditative state as well as holding an image in your mind.

While there are many other expansions that may be attached to a Radionics device, we will be ignoring such things for now and focusing on the basic elements of manipulating the device to connect with a desired target.

First you should place your witness sample on the witness well and then enter a relaxed and meditative state. Visualize what you are focusing on clearly in your mind and begin to slowly turn the first dial while gently rubbing the stick plate. 

The Rate is a Numeric Representation for a Concept

Setting the rate is one of the most important aspects of working with any Radionics device, once set, the device can often be left alone to work. Vrilock, eloquently defines them as, “The rate … is a numeric representation for a concept”. Albert Abrams was the first to develop a method for finding a rate using his percussive method. In this method, Abrams would tap parts of an individual’s body as his assistant would tune dials on Abrams’ device. Once a specific sound was heard, a dull thud, the rate would be set on the dial. Eventually this method would be replaced by the stick plate.


The stick plate can be made from various materials however one of the easiest ways to make one is to take a coil of bare wire and glue it to the underside of a thin piece of plastic. Inexpensive copper wire and a coffee can lid work incredibly well.


As you tune the first dial stroke the stick plate until you feel the tell-tale stick. It sometimes manifests as a sticky feeling, a slight buzz, or even a slick feeling. Once you feel this you can move on to the next dial and repeat the process for the remaining dials. 

Some people have a gut reaction instead of or in addition to a stick.


While there are dozens of collected rate books out there for various diffirent devices, such as here and here, you may find it far more effective to develop your own rates for your devices from scratch.

Each device will have slight variations in construction details, even if from the same manufacturer. This will affect the co-operability of rates between devices.

Taking your own rates and recording them, will allow you to accumulate a book of rates for you and your device. 

Once you have a rate for a target, you never need to take it again. Accordingly if you have need to target something for which you have previously taken a rate; you merely have to set your dials to the desired rate to connect with the target.

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