Black Box Design

Making Your Own Radionics Devices

Looking at the complexity of some commercial radionics devices can make the DIY route seem daunting, even impossible. Don’t be intimidated. Even th0se with little or no maker skills can create a fully functional radionics box.  Most of the bells and whistles on the fancy commercial black boxes are just that; bells and whistles. Wholly non-essential when it comes to basic radionics work.

Once you get a hang of the basic principles, you will be able to make all kinds of functional psychotronic equipment, and maybe even innovate some original designs.  For now though, let’s keep it simple. The less moving parts, the less that can go wrong.  

While there are many great DIY practitioners out there sharing their designs, there is one who stands alone in his contributions of easy to build radionics devices: The Psionic Arch-Magus; Charles Cosimano.  In fact he hosts a library of free designs and whole instructional books on various radionics topics on his website:  Charles Cosimano E-Books.

 Here at Radionics Evolution we will be publishing some of our own  original DIY designs as well so check back often. RE is still in its infancy and we have allot of great radionics knowledge coming soon.

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