Charles W. Cosimano

Charles Cosimano

Charles W. Cosimano, affectionately known as “Uncle Chuckie” is arguably the father of modern-day practical radionics.

Born in 1949, Charles’ interest in esotericism started at a young age. Despite having found success with various occult disciplines, Charles became aware of how cumbersome many traditional occult practices can be. In 1977 Cosimano would start his experimentation with Radionics and begin to work with various designs. 

Perhaps best known for his experimentations and gadgetry, he is the creator of the Psionic Amplifying Helmet. Developed in the early 1980’s, the design has been one of the greatest steps forward in Radionics since the introduction of the stick pad (possibly by Ruth Drown but we can’t be certain).

As a writer he has produced numerous works including Elementary Psionics, The Psionic Path, Psionic Magick, The Psionic Grimoire, The Psionic Magician’s Gadget Pattern Book, Psionic Terrorism, Psychic Power, and many more. Cosimano’s works are considered by many to be required reading for anyone looking to get their start in radionics and psionics. His work is consistently innovative and approachable. His voice is one of the most respected in the field of Radionics today.

psionic helmet
Psionic Amplifying Helmet - Image Courtesy

Everyman’s Radionics

Charles Cosimano’s written works focus on approachability and practical application. A common theme in his books is the exploration of the theories behind individual psionic actions. He writes in plain language, and supports his theories with practical exercises that the reader can use immediately. Combined with the ability to create his designs yourself without significant expense or assistance; and it’s easy to see why Uncle Chuckie is such an icon in radionics.

Cosimano vs. The Radionic Elites

As radionics has started to get some attention, there have appeared multiple  greedy asshole types. Fighting hard to flood the market with cost prohibitive devices that they have billed as the only “authentic” radionics devices. These people have fought hard to create significant barriers to entry. Attaching obscene prices to their radionics devices and flooding the space with advertising for their brands; they are trying to keep people out.

If these producers of $10,000 plastic boxes are legitimate practitioners, then they are afraid of regular people accessing these powerful tools.

The condescending implications on their advertising materials were designed to make sure that homebrew experimenters with DIY equipment are painted as inferior.

Charles W. Cosimano put an end to all of that. He has made a career of deflating the expensive snobbery that once flooded the world of radionics and psionics. By teaching us how to make our own radionics devices and psychotronic gadgets (often out of regular household junk), he introduced these opportunists to the world of obsolescence. What is really scary for these “elites”, is the fact that a Cosimano device built in a shoebox is often more effective than their most expensive models.  

We know, we’ve done the testing, and that data will be published on this site.

Cosimano Black Box Schematic - Resistance Style Radionic Device

The Psionic Psupervillain

Charles W. Cosimano is also a controversial figure, and rightfully so. With titles like Psionic Warfare and The Psionic Predator; it’s clear that he has a well-developed instinct for troublemaking. Offering no excuses, and instead providing powerful techniques and clear instructions; Cosimano empowers his readers to indulge their own sense of mayhem.

Dr. Mirabilis

Charles Cosimano has been gifting us with knowledge of the weird and wonderful for decades. Here in 2021, he shows no signs of slowing. A quick search on YouTube will give you hours of content, old and new.  All good stuff, worth the watch and littered with pearls of wisdom. 

From the team here at RE, we remove our psionic amplifying helmets, and raise our pendulums, to salute Uncle Chuckie: The Psionic Supervillain, The Psionic Vampire, The ArchMagus of Psionics, Charles Cosimano. We Salute You!

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