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Orgonite Gems

Orgonite is something that can be used for many different psychotronic applications. As a generator of subtle energies, it is a compound that assists in everything from manifestation to keeping a home peaceful. Therefore it can be found in a wide variety of psychotronics objects, and in a great many shapes and sizes. Radionic devices, jewelry, wands, and more may incorporate Orgonite as part of their design. While we will not go into detail as to how to produce Orgonite, as we have detailed instructions in our article Orgonite as to how to produce your own, we will go over some of the uses of Orgonite.

Passive Uses for Orgonite

As a combination of both organic and inorganic materials Orgonite can collect energy passively and store it. This property has made Orgonite jewelry a popular kind of “energizing” or “healing” talisman. The Orgonite collects ambient energy that the body can absorb and use. Orgonite can also be used as a conduit for energy as well, because of this it is common to see it being formed into wands for use in ritual work. With such a wand some practitioners may find it easier to direct energy as part of their ritual work.


Another popular use for Orgonite is Orgonite pyramids. Orgonite Pyramids work by drawing in negative energy around them and purifying it. These can be placed around the home or ritual space for not only energetic cleansing but also for aesthetic purposes, as many Orgonite Pyramids are made to be artistically pleasing as well as useful.


Orgone blankets use alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, often wool and steel wool are used. The blanket, while not technically orgonite, uses similar principles and works much like an orgone accumulator, collecting Orgone energy around the body and energizing it. Furthermore, as a naturally heavy blanket, it may also have some of the same positive effects on sleep as a weighted blanket.

Orgonite Pyramid

Integrating Orgonite into a Design

As a way to accumulate energy Orgonite can also be integrated into the designs of various Psionic and Radionic devices. Orgone accumulators can be integrated in a wide variety of ways. 

In this experimental prototype designed by Berkana Path, Orgonite is used to accumulate additional energy around the quartz crystal and help to power the entire output module of the device. This is just one example of the myriad of ways that orgonite could be integrated into the design of just about any Psionic and Radionic device.

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