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We are a uniquely comprehensive psychotronics resource. Our library is constantly expanding and all information is curated by experts in the fields of psychotronics, radionics, psychicism, cyber-shamanism and other related fields of study.

Additionally we offer psychotronic products that represent the absolute cutting edge of psychic technology. Our products are exclusive and engineered by our in-house team of psychotronic experts. We specialize in custom solutions and we welcome all inquiries. Contact us to discuss your needs. We can effort a solution for you.

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Psychic Power
RE Power
  • Tepaphone Ultra
  • Trans-substantiator
  • Thoughtform Incubator
  • Healing Array
  • The Reality Broker

Our Internet connected psychotronics platform that allows you to interface with our radionics lab remotely! Leverage the awesome power of our advanced psychotronics from anywhere using your computer or smart phone. 

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If you would like information about private access to the RE Power Advanced Psychotronics platform and Radionics Laboratory, indicate your interest in the form above.  We are currently finalizing a Beta program.

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