Radionics Usage


Radionics has a wide range of applications. Many tasks that would take daily repetition using traditional psychic methods can be “automated” or assisted with the use of a Radionics device. Below are some example ideas for a starting Radionics user to begin with.

Charging an Egregore

While a full discussion of Egregore creation would be outside of the scope of this article, charging the creation is an important step to the process. Ideally you will have created some image or object to store the Egregore. Place this on the witness plate and then begin the tuning process.

Enter a meditative state and begin to think about what the Egregore is supposed to accomplish, what task it is supposed to carry out, hold that image in your mind. If you have created a symbol for the Egregore visualize that, if not hold an image of what it should be doing in your mind, the simpler the better.

Once you have the image held in your mind start stroking the stick plate and tune the first dial until you feel it stick. Then move onto the second one and so forth. With each dial tuned the Radionics Box, simply place the material base in the witness well. The box is now transmitting the frequency of your thought form and will help energize it and provide it energy to do its work.

Wishing Machine

A Radionics black box can be used to help achieve a desired result. This can be done simply by writing down a desired result on a piece of paper and placing it on the witness plate.

Again, enter a meditative state and strongly visualize the desired result in your mind. Once you can see your desired result strongly in your mind, begin the tuning process. Again, you will stroke the stick pad and rotate each dial in turn until you can feel a slight “stick”. Once this is done for each dial on the box you can place a witness of yourself or whoever the target is, in the witness well and leave the box transmitting until the desired outcome has been achieved.


One of the earliest uses of Radionics devices was for healing of various ailments. While this is a potential use, we must stress that no Radionics device has ever been proven to prevent, treat, or cure any kind of medical condition. All information on the website is for personal interest and is not meant in any way to perform a medical function.  Always consult a medical professional if you have any kind of illness or disease and follow their advice. Radionics is not and never will be a substitute for a medical professional.

To assist with the balancing of someone or something who is suffering from an ailment, first we need to find the rate of the condition that we are dealing with. The easiest way to do this is to take a photo of the person or animal you are trying to help and place it on the witness plate, along with the name of the illness if it is know. If it is not known, you can simply write “illness”..

Then enter a meditative state and focus on the ailment that you wish to help alleviate. Once you have a clear image in your mind start to tune the dials. Tune each dial until you get a “stick” from the stick plate. With the rate for the issue found we now need to tune the dials to the balancing rate.

For this we will assume that your Radionics box uses dials tuned from zero to ten. For instance, if you have a rate of 6.5, 7.2, and 2.1 the balancing rate would be 3.5, 2.8, and 7.9. To find this rate we take ten and subtract the number of each dial.

  • 10 – 6.5 = 3.5
  • 10 – 7.2 = 2.8
  • 10 – 2.1 = 7.9

Once the balancing rate has been set you may leave the box to do its work in assisting with balancing the issue.

Other Uses

These uses just start to touch on what can be done with a Radionics box. In general, a Radionics box is a powerful tool for directing and negating energy with the use of normal and balancing rates. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for experiments you can preform with Radionics.

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