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Fundamental Elements of a Radionics Lab

For the serious practitioner, an accumulation of radionics gadgets is inevitable.  Amplifiers, transmitters, dowsing equipment, charts and more tend to be found in the lab. The purpose of this article is to describe the fundamentals of a fully functional radionics lab that can be used to perform any basic radionics experiment. 

Explore the sections below for our take on the essentials of the radionics lab.

Radionics Box

The Black Box

The heart of your radionics lab is the Black Box. Also called the Dial Box or simply the Radionics Box. This is the primary equipment used for most radionics experiments. By learning how to interact with the stick phenomenon, the user can tune the box to any target.

psionic helmet

Psionic Helmet/Headband

The invention of Charles Cosimano, the subject of endless jokes, and one of the greatest innovations in psychic technology. Ever. It looks funny, but it sure does work. The helmet provides a deeper connection with the forces tuned by the Black Box.



Various amplified transmission antennae are very common equipment for serious radionics work. Often these use sacred geometry and modern PCB form factors.

Amp Pattern

Amplifier Patterns

A variety of 2-D patterns are another common feature. These are used to direct specific types of signals and targets.


Pendulum & Dowsing Charts

An indispensable tool for determining all manner of vital information during radionics experiments. Usually a wide variety of charts are kept on hand for everything from determining tomorrows weather to measuring the strength of an aura.

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