Radionics Instructions


As there are a great many types of radionics devices, there are many methods of operation.

There are some commonalities between most black box type devices however, and that is what we will briefly discuss here.

  • Generally the radionics device has (at minimum) the following components:
  • Witness Well – To hold samples that will be analyzed, or patterns that will be broadcast.
  • Stick Plate – A flat, smooth plate that is manipulated while tuning the device.
  • Tuning Dials – Potentiometers (or variable capacitors) that are tuned to a specific value representing the witness.
  • Input/Output Jacks – For connecting additional components.

The most basic operation generally follows a process such as the following. In this example we will demonstrate a scenario in which the operator wishes to assist a friend recover from an illness. The example uses a very simple, 3-dial, single-well, resistance-driven, black box.

  1. First the operator secures a good witness of the person to be healed, like a photograph.
  2. Next the operator creates a witness of the desired action, in this case; healing. This can be done in a myriad of ways. For this scenario, let’s say that the operator wants to use the power of an empyrean spirit that is known throughout the ages for its great healing ability. For the witness, the operator could draw the sigil and name of the spirit on a piece of paper. On the other side, the operator writes “Heal Todd’s infection”. This witness is placed in the witness well.
  3. The operator now concentrates on the spirit, as well as the desired action. Evoking a strong image of his friend healing. He does this while slowly turning the first dial, and gently rubbing the stick plate with his thumb. When a sticky or dragging sensation is noticed on the stick plate, the operator stops turning the dial. The dial is now set to the first value or “rate”.
  4. He repeats this process with the remaining two dials.
  5. Now that the machine is tuned to broadcast the healing power of the spirit, the operator simply places the photograph of his friend on the stick plate of the box.

The tuned energies will be broadcast to his friend.

In Practice

The above example is of course simplified, however that is the basic process. The very same process that I used with great effect when I first got started. In a real life scenario the operator will probably want to dowse to discover how long to broadcast, the specific energy body of his friend to broadcast to, and many other possible refinements.


For more information on radionics operation, please check out the following resources:

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The purpose is to allow the operator to receive a “stick” when a dial is set to a correct value for a given witness.


A quick search on Google reveals that in the mainstream, radionics has taken a beating. Largely seen as a fringe pseudo-science, it has been relegated the to annals of medical quackery.  Having been either dismissed off-hand by medical experts as a matter of principle or deemed a work of fakery by investigators who were unable to reproduce purported results; radionics has a bad rep in many circles.


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