Bad Actors and fakes


When researching esotericism, generally, and Radionics, specifically there are many bad actors and fakes that populate the community. While in the past there were always charlatans, the advent of the internet and free to low cost hosting of content on-line has lead to a massive explosion of those who are looking to mislead, take advantage of, and otherwise defraud those who are simply seeking. It is the duty of a real teacher to give students tools, real tools to better themselves and their practice.

Fakes are often found of making erroneous claims about what they can do without showing any proof. They take the cheapest materials, the most basic knowledge, and make the biggest claims. They want followers, not students; consumers, not seekers.

Unfortunately for every one hundred or even a thousand bad actors or fakes you will come across there will be one real practitioner if you are lucky. These bad actors will often sell their cheaply made products at exorbitant costs to those who are desperate or ill informed. Often the worst of the worst will make claims about fixing things instantly, bringing untold fortune, or curing terminal illness. These charlatans should be avoided at all costs.

Beyond the damage they do to those individuals and families that are desperate, they also muddy the waters around those who are looking for actual knowledge. This harm makes others with genuine intent and skills look less than they are by association. For those that are actually attempting to pass on knowledge and empower individuals to seek their own path, these charlatans cause no end of problems and disruption to the legitimization of Esoteric and Radionics practice.  

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