Understanding Orgone

Orgone universal energy

Orgone is a universal life force proposed by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930’s and later expanded upon by his student Charles Kelly after Reich’s death.


Orgone is an anti-entropic energy and in the theory proposed by Reich and Kelly it organizes all matter in the Universe.
Humans with orgone deficiencies were said to develop illness, similar in the way that Freud thought that issues with libido could also cause illness.


The word orgone was chosen by Reich as a linguistic link to the word orgasm as Reich was influenced by Freud’s work. Reich differed from Freud in his explanation of the libido, and sought a materialistic answer to the ideas that Freud deemed to be purely metal operations. Thus mental ailments and sexual frustrations were a deficiency in the amount of orgons (unit of orgone) that a person has.

The Orgone Accumulator

Reich posited that by using specialized boxes he called orgone accumulators he would be able to accumulate orgone particles and concentrate them in a confined space where a person or an animal could be put into to absorb these orgons and be healed by them.


The orgone accumulators were constructed out of alternating layers of metal and organic material. These orgone accumulators were Faraday cages because of the inner metal lining, and Reich demonstrated, to a large amount of skepticism, that the temperature of the interior of these boxes remained constant even through exterior changes in temperature.


Reich would later go on to posit that orgone had an entropic counterpart he called deadly orgone radiation or DOR. This radiation, he asserted, was the cause of desert formation and by disrupting the deadly orgone radiation with a device he called at “cloudbuster” he could make it rain.


The cloudbuster was a device made up of two rows of 15 foot aluminum pipes mounted on a platform that were connected to water via a wire out the end of each tube. Reich described the cloudbuster as an “orgone box turned inside out”.


While the mainstream scientific community at the time and now has not taken Reich and Kelly’s work seriously modern occultist, chaos magicians, and techno-mages have discovered that Reich’s orgone accumulators when used in conjunction with other psychic technologies, most notably in the use of various types of radionics boxes as a way to store or build up energy for the operation of the device.


Radionics boxes are used to transmit psychic energy and affect the subtle realms of reality. Using orgone accumulators in these devices has demonstrated, through anecdotal evidence, that the additional energy provided by the accumulators can create more rapid and dramatic effects.

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