Orgonite is a material that applies the principles of orgone accumulation, discovered by Reich. However, orgonite is much more flexible that a traditional orgone accumulator and can be molded into any shape or size. The applications are endless. 

Like the orgone accumulator, orgonite is made to harness the energies that occur naturally in the world, all around us.  

Willhelm Reich discovered that orgone is a fundamental energy and can be attracted by organic materials and repelled by metals. Using these principles Reich was able to develop the first Orgone accumulators.

Orgonite uses materials that capitalize on the same processes as an Orgone Accumulator. Usually by using a mixture of organic and inorganic materials.

Karl Hans Welz first popularized the use of Orgonite in radionic technologies, and today there are many artistic and innovative examples of Orgonite.  

Most Orgonite you see will be made with a clear resin, mixed with metals such as iron, copper or aluminum, as well as organic materials and various crystals.

Since many pieces of Orgonite are meant to be visually pleasing, flowers, shells, copper shavings, and colored resin are also often used.  


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