Orgone Devices

Orgone Devices
Orgonite Wand

Since Wilhelm Reich first developed his Orgone Accumulator many have taken his ideas and discoveries further and developed many other devices and objects based on the fundamental principles that Reich discovered. These devices take many forms, but they all share the same fundamental tenants. They all use a combination of organic materials and metals to direct, accumulate, or otherwise manipulate Orgone Energy. Below is a list of the most common Orgone devices that have been developed.

Orgone Generators

orgone shooter setup

Orgone Generators take on many sizes, shapes and forms. Broadly speaking they can be anything that uses the core principles of Orgone Energy manipulation and direction, a fifty-fifty mix of both organic and metallic components. Many Orgone Generators will be made from resin and metal shavings of some kind. However, many designers, artists, and inventors have played with these fundamental precepts to produce not only functional but also beautiful pieces. The mixture of resin and metal components has been come to be called Orgonite and can be fashioned into many different shapes and sizes. Facilitating the creating of everything from simple decorative pieces that diffuse Orgone Energy around the room to Wands that focus and direct Orgone Energy according to the wishes of the user. Other kinds of Orgone Generators may use other materials, but they all use the same fifty-fifty mixture and follow the principles of Orgone Energy manipulation.  

Orgone Pyramid

Orgone Pyramid

An Orgone Pyramid is usually made of a clear or colored resin and will contain metal shavings of copper, aluminum, or other metals. For the organic material it is common to see plants, flowers, or shells suspended in the resin mixture. Orgone Pyramids will also often incorporate quartz or other crystals, often with piezoelectric properties to help facilitate specific effects or enhance their ability to gather Orgone Energy. Pyramids are often used for gathering beneficial Orgone Energy in a specific location but may also be designed with other uses in mind.

Orgone Pendants

orgone pendant

Orgone Pendants are designed to be worn much like jewelry and will often be incredibly attractive pieces, however they have a primary purpose. To accumulate beneficial Orgone Energy for the wearer and bestow upon them the benefits of constant, and direct Orgone Energy absorption by the Body. Much like other pieces of Orgone Jewelry they will frequently be made from resin and metals, with other organic components suspended in them. They may have specific considerations made in the materials used for various effects. However, a simple Orgone Pendant will be more than sufficient for most user’s needs.

Orgone Jewelry

Orgonite Ring

Orgone Jewelry comes in various forms and may be a ring, pendant, earring, or other piece. In generally any typical type of jewelry may be a piece of Orgone Jewelry so long as it adheres to the fifty-fifty percent rule for the accumulation of Orgone Energy. Rings and Pendants are the most common and will often feature crystals. Yet, clever artists may still be able to fit shells, flowers, or other organic components into the resin mixture. Most Orgone Jewelry will be simply for accumulating Orgone Energy for the wearer, however specific materials or designs may be used to alter the specific effect.

Orgone Blankets

Orgone Pillow

Orgone Blankets are simple blankets of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials. Utilizing the same principles as the first Orgone Accumulators developed by Wilhelm Reich. Cotton, wool, or silk are frequent organic materials. For the metal component, steel wool, steel mesh, or similar materials may be used. In function they act much like a more portable and more easily stored version of an Orgone Accumulator, replacing the rigid box design with the flexibility of a blanket. Users simply wrap themselves with one, with the metallic side facing them, and can experience the benefits of their use.

Orgone Wands

Orgone Wand

Orgone Wands are used to more manually direct and focus Orgone Energy at a specific thing, based on the intent of the user. The most common design will be an elongated piece of resin tipped with crystals and based with copper coils. Other designs use metal wrappings around an organic core. Wands can be a very personal tool and it may be desired to have one custom made.

Orgone Crystals

orgone crystals

Orgone Crystals are similar in form and function to an Orgone Pyramid formed from the usual resins and metal shavings that a typical Orgone Pyramid will be made from. A crystal may be rounded however a multifaceted design will allow for more focus points for the Orgone Energy.

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