Orgone Accumulator


An Orgone Accumulator is a device, usually  phonebooth like in form,, and is a space that one enters and seals. It operates by concentrating subtle energy (what Reich called orgone), and then filling a small space with this concentrated energy so that it can be absorbed by the operator. 

During the 1930’s and 1940’s Wilhelm Reich discovered the principles and mechanics of orgone energy, which he equated with the lifeforce, chi, ki, etc.

Reich found that Orgone Energy would be attracted and absorbed by organic materials while inorganic and metallic materials would repel Orgone Energy.

With this information in hand Reich would develop his first Orgone Accumulators. The devices would be at their core Faraday cages. The Faraday cages would be wrapped in alternating layers of plywood, rockwool, and sheet iron.

Inside of the Accumulator was a small chair and a window for someone seated inside to be able to see out of. The Accumulator would draw in Orgone energy from its surroundings and concentrate it in the area inside of the box. The subject inside of the box would then absorb the Orgone Energy and receive the benefits from the concentrated Orgone energy. These benefits were carefully studied by Reich and included:

  • Rapid wound healing
  • Rapid recovery from illness
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Elevated mood
  • Better overall health


Outside the Box

Reich also noted sexual and cognitive benefits, some of which started to border on the realm of the paranormal.

Orgone Accumulators can come in a variety of forms and are sometimes  integrated directly into Radionic devices by using alternating layers of organic and metallic materials in the construction of the project housing itself.

Many radionics practitioners include orgone accumulation as well as orgonite in their work.

Below is an image from a paper detailing the construction of an orgone accumulator blanket. This is a popular project for many practitioners who often report many benefits.

ORAC COnstruction

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