Digital Stick Pad Ultra

Digital Stick pad
The Digital Stick Pad by Radionics Evolution revolutionizes the field of radionics by making tuning as simple as pushing a button.
Finally the Life-Changing Power of Radionics for Everyone! 
Complicated or difficult radionics tuning is now so simple a child could do it.
Most radionics devices are operated by a manual tuning process called obtaining a stick or simply “stick”. This is a dowsing procedure that usually involves lightly rubbing a special surface called a stick plate/pad, and feeling for changes in drag. This process while reliable with proper training requires sensitivity to subtle energetics and/or communications from the deeper layers of consciousness. This can present a host of problems, especially in terms of reliability. It’s a skill that requires honing. Even those practitioners that have a natural talent for stick, can run into a variety of factors that can impact the ability to successfully get a “stick”.
The Digital Stick Pad has eliminated these problems through superior technology and psychotronic innovation. Reducing the tuning process down to the simple press of a button.
Connect with any psychotronic, radionic, radiesthesia platform.
Say Goodbye to Radionics Frustration
Push-button Tuning is Finally Here! This revolutionary device not only greatly simplifies the use of radionics/psychotronics devices, but also makes the world of psychic technology accessible to those who have struggled in the past
Obtaining an accurate “stick” while tuning a radionics device can take a great deal of time and practice to master. The Digital Stick Pad eliminates the learning curve and puts radionics in the hands of anyone who can press a button. One of the leading innovations produced by Radionics Evolution.
Finally the Life-Changing Power of Radionics for Everyone!

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